Monday, June 27, 2011

Downloaded Team Fortress 2 Yet? It's Free You Know...

I don't know if the guys at Valve are on drugs or something because Team Fortress 2 (TF 2 as from now) is definitely a game I wouldn't give away for free if it was mine! And, keep in mind that this isn't temporary; the game will remain free for good according to the company.
Quoted from the official website:

There's no catch! Play as much as you want, as long as you like!

For TF 2 Noobs

It's really hard to not know a game like TF but here's a quick intro anyway. TF 2 is a first person shoort (FPS) multiplayer video game. Many people say that's it's one of the best FPS's available today and I agree because it's got great graphics, cool gameplay and it's kind of a funny game. Just watch the video and see for yourself.

Cool huh!? That's why I already got it installed and running. So, if you want the game, just visit their website for download instructions.

When To Play?

Well i don't know, maybe on a lonely Friday night instead of wasting time and money outside. Or maybe during those times when you feel like you just processed a petabyte of data! TF 2 is swell during breaks IMO!


Like most of the free stuff on the internet, TF 2 comes with catches. There are 2 types of TF 2 account: free and premium. You have a free account when you've never purchased any TF 2 "addons". Addons such as player upgrades and gameplay items can be purchased in-game and if you purchase one of the stuff, you get a premium account. Premium accounts have access to some rare and cooler stuff in the game. So, in order to get every possible item and stuff, you'll have to spend money eventually.

However, both free and premium accounts will be able to enjoy the same gameplay experience. You'll never feel the need to make a purchase because the game will still be really fun!

Go Get It!

I know you must be real eager to play the game now because I am! Download it, start playing and don't forget to tell me what you think!

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